Fashion Heritage Network Cyprus

August 18, 2023

Mission Statement: Exploring Cypriot Fashion Heritage innovatively through sustainable fashion design created by young Cypriot designers, encouraging the local community to reduce their textile waste which pollutes the environment.

The Fashion Heritage Network Cyprus ( FHNC) is a new pioneering platform that strives to celebrate Cypriot fashion heritage through contemporary sustainable fashion. This network consists of young Cypriot fashion designers and artists who aim to explore the beauty and uniqueness of Cypriot fashion heritage through zero-waste and sustainable fashion designs and art pieces. 

Their work will be showcased via;

  • Fashion shows and exhibitions
  • Online content and videos

Moreover, FHNC hosts educational workshops and seminars in order to educate the local community about Cypriot fashion heritage and sustainability. The network consists of 39 members volunteering in various departments such as social media, fashion design, heritage, events, etc. Our network reflects the spirit of the island through the art of sustainable fashion and fashion heritage; communicated by an avant-garde new generation of designers. 

Submitted By: Christina Dymiotis


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