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Achieve your potential with a leading role in the

transition toward a more responsible way to do business

Lead change with a purpose-led career

Secure a new position or advance in your current organization with our in-demand courses and certifications.

Gain practical experience

Learn practical strategies to implement circular economy principles within your team’s daily operations.

Upskill your consultancy

Offer clients in-demand practical knowledge enabling them to enhance their business practices for good.

Become a qualified expert

Create positive change across industries by becoming a certified Circular Economy Manager (Advanced) or Specialist (High-Mastery)

Connect with the experts

You will join a global network of like-minds, with continued opportunities to engage with world-class experts conducting leading-edge circularity research.

Instruct with confidence

Specialist-level certification enables you to incorporate lessons learned from your certification into your own curriculum for any skill level.

Get ahead of standardization

Use your certified knowledge to anticipate upcoming market standardization and adapt ahead of the curve in your industry.

View our courses and certificates

View our courses and certificates

Certification gives you actionable expertise, developed for C-suite

executives mid-career professionals and everyone in between

Executive Leadership

Whether you’re a founder, a CEO, an involved investor, or heading a start-up, CEA certification will help you make a real impact by deploying circular principles across your organization.


Level up your business strategy by getting certified. Inform and guide with industry-leading insights that offer bold new pathways for new and existing clients.

Project Managers

Gain the accreditation and knowledge you need to approach projects with a transformed lens to plan better, execute and evaluate success for your team and clients.

Students and Recent Graduates

New industries and business models are constantly emerging in the Circular Economy. Students and recent grads can become forward thinkers in what is a very critical time for the environment.

Professionals & Management

Drive change from within by inspiring your team to develop and adopt new approaches that incorporate circular principles into your business practices and culture.

New Working Experience

As more and more organizations adopt Circular Economy principles as part of their operations and strategies, early career professionals will find it critical to explore this important topic not only theoretically, but practically.

Go beyond theory with practical knowledge from world-leading circularity researchers

Reach new heights with a career trajectory that makes positive change possible

Circular Economy Specialist


Gain highly- specialized insights to drive industry change, advance your career and become a renowned expert in your field.

1,085.00 € + VAT (if applicable)

12 courses

Total dedicated effort required: 45 hours *

Circular Economy Manager


Gain expertise that goes beyond the basics to offer in-depth knowledge of circular economy principles and applications.

745.00 € + VAT (if applicable)

8 courses

Total dedicated effort required: 30 hours *

Circular Economy Professional


Get an in-depth, comprehensive overview of foundational Circular Economy principles to get familiar with industry concepts.

385.00 € + VAT (if applicable)

4 courses

Total dedicated effort required: 16 hours *


Learn a single skill or topic from one of our 16 courses.

95.00 € + VAT (if applicable)

Visit an individual course page to purchase.

* Depending on the level of experience and pace the learner is willing to invest in the learning journey.

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