Prepare your organization for a leadership role in the transition toward a sustainable future

Learn from accredited experts ahead of the upcoming Circular Economy standardization and regulation.

Get a custom business solution that fits your needs & budget, delivered on-demand and online.

Lead your own transition with the tools to successfully reshape your organization towards circularity.

Our Key Partners

Our Key Partners

Increase your competitive advantage and lead change with a custom Circular Economy curriculum tailored to your organization

Get the tools to develop your own Circular Economy roadmaps

Learn circular principles from world-leading researchers to enhance resiliency, problem-solving, and environmental value.

Master a new approach to analyzing problems

Spur a mindset shift within your team, view your operations in a new light, and start accounting for the costs and benefits beyond the bottom line.

Build resilience and capacity to confront change

The transition to Circular Economy is accelerating. To stay competitive, start preparing by learning to create shared value and meet critical challenges.

Prepare for the release of Circular Economy Standardization

Your certification will keep you ahead of the curve. CEA prepares you by offering an advanced understanding of the Circular Economy.

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Certify your employees through an online dedicated corporate platform

Virtual and/or physical workshops

CE - Reporting and IT solutions

Licensing option for our Body of Knowledge

In house - training courses

Consultancy services

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