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Recycling Used Truck Tyres Into Sandals

COTFONE recycles used truck tyres into durable sandals, helped by youths associated with COTFONE member schools, given that our aim is to mobilize young people. COFTONE begins by equipping teachers (above 18) with skills to recycle truck tyres into long-lasting sandals.  This strategy allows the teachers to use these skills for their own income to support themselves and their families; furthermore, the teachers pass these skills onto COFTONE pupils to deepen their knowledge in sustainability.  COTFONE is additionally training pupils to weave baskets, beehives, ropes etc. COTFONE also reaches out to youths out of school, above 18, in households of our pupils.


Muddu Yisito Kayinga
Submitted By: Muddu Yisito Kayinga

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