Who We Are

We are a knowledge-driven organization dedicated to paving the path forward towards a Circular Economy. We enable sustainability by building upon a solid, data-driven foundation to bridge knowledge gaps. Our doors are always open to learners determined to improve their capabilities and drive change. We are proud of our accomplishments and vocal when sharing them. We are grateful to play a part in growing the Circular Economy Community and we are excited to see the future we build together.

Our Mission

Strengthen the global workforce by giving professionals and organizations the complete, accredited, reliable, actionable skills and knowledge they need to become change agents while deploying Circular Economy best practices.

Our Vision

We want to live in a world that is peaceful, united and in balance with the environment. Our vision depends on learning from nature, influencing behaviour change, and bringing the Circular Economy from a scientific topic to a reality.

Our Values


We hold ourselves responsible to take meaningful, truthful, and concrete action so ideas and plans are executed to generate real and effective change throughout the society. We are determined to generate lasting results that keeps echoing throughout the future.


Circular Economy affects every level of society. We believe anyone interested should have unrestricted, unbiased, transparent and inclusive access to the skills and knowledge required to play an efficient role in the green transformation and building a sustainable future.


We collaborate and partner with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to inspire change at both an individual and collective level. We facilitate dialogue between researchers, academics, and business leaders to achieve actionable best practices with real-world applications.


We lead by driving leaders to emerge. We thrive to inspire and motivate disruptive action towards sustainable change and achieving climate neutrality by 2050. The successful impact we are accomplishing indicates the bright path we are leading.

Our Beliefs

We believe education is a powerful key to unlock systemic change. Education can create a mindset transition from linearity to Circularity, creating new knowledge and practices at scale with boundless potential. We envision a new educational paradigm to help create a future where both people and the planet prosper. Nothing can be done or achieved without education, it is they key to open the door to transition, transformation and evolution. Upskilling and reskilling our practices is critical to achieving meaningful, impactful and successful progress on climate and building a more sustainable future.

Our Research

Our research fills gaps to make Circular Economy principles practical and meaningful across global industries with the goal of adopting circularity in every sector of the world economy. As active leaders in a number of EU funded projects, CEA has earned the support of experts, practitioners, and front-line communities, creating interdisciplinary dialog with priority stakeholders.

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Our People

We’ve established a dynamic team between the Circular Economy Alliance and the Circular Economy Research Center (CERC) bringing together professionalism, practical expertise, knowledge and skills to achieve decisive sustainable advancements. Our team consists of leading Circular Economy researchers and experts eager to take on complex challenges, while making lessons accessible to business leaders, educators, and professionals.

Strategic Foresight Board Report

We are proud to launch the second Strategic Foresight Report which serves as an essential guide to navigating the evolving and rapidly changing Landscape. With eyes on the global north and as well the south we dived into comprehensive analysis and dissected trends, uncertainties, and pivotal scenarios shaping our tomorrow. In addition to the major work done on the trends impacting our Organization ( Edu-Tech Industry ), we also looked into trends in the Global horizon.

Strategic Foresight Board Report

We’re proud to launch our first Strategic Foresight Board report, providing insights on current and future trends, diving into key drivers and barriers to the Circular Economy (CE) and exploring how to facilitate dissemination of knowledge in the wider community. The 2023 Report’s main focus areas are: Intelligent Decentralization, the Circunomic theory, and Artificial Intelligence.