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VAMA Consulting Group has brought together experienced professionals around the same mission: building dreams and visions of a better future together. While developing projects for CSOs we have maintained the highest standards of sustainability, thus raising awareness for more than 700 CSOs. In the project development phase, we emphasize on recycled or recyclable materials and promote sustainable practices. In our consulting practice, VAMA Consulting Group is developing plans and solutions with respect to the 4R cycle. In less than 2 years we have advised 16 companies on transforming at least one segment of their business, thus nudging them towards Circular Economy.

Andrija Popovic
Submitted By: Andrija Popovic

A Ph.D. Candidate and Master Economist specializing in economic and sustainable development, macroeconomics, and circular economy and economic aspects of applying I4.0 technologies with 5 years of experience in business consulting, financial analysis, market research, and budget management. Motivated young expert with relevant previous work in organizational structure optimization, strategic planning, and data analysis in biochemical companies (life science), medical equipment production, and many other sectors, including organizations and institutions in the public sector.

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