Circular and Digital Economies: The dual transition

Circular and Digital Economies: The dual transition




With the increasing urgency of tackling the threatening repercussions of the Linear Economy, the Digital Economy provides empowering ecosystems, infrastructures, and tools to drive SDGs and ESG achievements, Circular Economy transition, and social, environmental, and economic prosperity. The confluence of the Digital and Circular transitions gives rise to forcefully enabling and disrupting waves across sectors, markets, and geographies. Leveraging the Dual Transition is not only a competitive edge but also a strategic hedge against the upcoming disrupting forces and a tactical response to the increasing concerns about the resilience and sustainability of our social, natural, and industrial ecosystems. This course explores the rapidly evolving dynamics of markets and industries and how the enabling and disrupting forces of The Dual Transition can fuel innovation capacity and resilient strategies for entrepreneurs, companies, investors, policymakers, decision-makers, and executives in the public and private sectors. This course offers the following: • An overview of the repercussions of the Linear Economic Model. •The Digitally Enhanced Circular Economy Alternative for designing and implementing innovative solutions in response to the aftermath of our unsustainable practices. • Digital Transformation, Mass Integration of Industry 4.0 Technologies, and the Forthcoming Digital Economy as prominent enablers of the Circular transition. • Digitally Enhanced SDGs and Sustainable Competitiveness toward Circular Economy, • Policy Initiatives and Strategies driving the Dual Transition.