Strategic Foresight Board report 2023

January 13, 2023

Circular Economy Alliance aspires to pave the road for a sustainable future by being at the forefront of credible, research-based circular economy knowledge development. In this pathway, a variety of experts collaborate on the creation and dissemination of knowledge that enables the reskilling and upskilling of individuals, thereby transforming them into agents of change in the transition to a circular economy. This journey is predicated on a collaborative and iterative strategy that combines the skills, experience, and knowledge of various and diverse specialists through motivating, inspiring, and initiating action to effect a collective change.  

Through research, education, and innovative business solutions, we create long-term value. We are utilizing an inclusive and responsible approach to equip the world with the necessary resources and tools to thrive and build a sustainable future. 

The new state of play requires global systemic change, and cultural adaption. Therefore, with the Strategic Foresight Board report 2023, we aim to equip everyone interested to play a strategic and meaningful role in this transition with the awareness and best practices to excel and succeed. 

Discover three Circular Economy megatrends, explore key drivers and barriers, and get inspired by the insights of the SFB members:  

Emerging trends supporting Intelligent Decentralization 

Circunomic Theory – A Blueprint for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Systems Design 

Artificial Intelligence – A driving force towards circularity 

Strategic Foresight Board

The Strategic Foresight Board (SFB) will provide insights on the current developments and future trends, key drivers and barriers to the Circular Economy (CE), provide strategic guidance to the leadership of Circular Economy Alliance (CEA), and develop and enhance strategic partnerships with the international business, academic and policy community. Overall, it will support CEA in achieving its mission of promoting research-driven skills development for all and vision of advancing a just and inclusive transition to the Circular Economy.
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