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Certified Circular Economy Expert




Certified Circular Economy Expert (CCEE)

What it includes

The Certified Circular Economy Expert (CCEE) bundle offers original content in an easy-to-follow multimedia format for those who are looking to establish a deeper grasp of Circular Economy including and going beyond the fundamentals.

The CCEE program is a bundle which includes the 4 courses of the Certified Circular Economy Professional (CCEP) and 4 complementary courses that cover additional aspects of the principles, frameworks, theories, and practices of Circular Economy. The CCEE has been designed to cover additional and deeper aspects of circular economy: the importance of strategic design, the notion of value cycles, advanced use of circular economy principles (using the construction sector as an example), the importance of partnering and ecosystems in the transition to a more circular economy, as well as how to understand circular economy within the broader spectrum of sustainable development.

The 8 courses included in the CCEE Certificate program include:

The four “pillar” courses included in the CCEP program:

In addition to four complementary “expert” courses:

The courses which compose the CCEE have been carefully selected, designed, and curated to give you an insider’s view into what we consider the extended fundamentals of circular economy, as well as the complementary knowledge you need to be credible as an expert in the domain. You will notably gain insight into a wide range of tools, policies, business models, design principles, enabling technologies, best practices and innovative strategies that are being used today to create a better tomorrow. In other words, you will better understand what is necessary at the personal, corporate, institutional and societal level to evolve from the current take-make-dispose economic model – which continues to harm the planet, in order to be an active part in the transition to a more circular economic model – which favours the planet.

What you need to do

Once you have registered, you will be given access to our Learning Management System. The certificate program is entirely online and self-paced. We estimate that someone working or studying full time can complete the entire program within eight weeks (this is an approximate indication). Each course is stand-alone, however, a structure has been designed for the courses to be taken in a predefined sequential order to facilitate the learning journey better. Furthermore, considerable attention is given to the integrity of the program and the individual assessment performed at the examination center. Therefore, on some occasions, we shuffle the order of the courses, or we enable a time delay between the release of the courses to ensure that the credibility of our certified laurates is based on knowledge independently acquired and verified by an individual and objective assessment measured by the successful outcome of the respective examination.  

To further enhance the user experience, following the completion of each course, including the respective examination, a quality assurance process runs in the background to identify any possible issues that may have affected the learning journey or the assessment of the candidate. Once the assessment has been completed, the candidate can proceed with the next course in the path of becoming a certified circular economy alumnus. 

You will be guided through the original content of each section with dynamic, rich, enjoyable, narrated, and easy-to-understand content. Courses are divided into easily navigated sections focusing at each stage on the learning objectives to be achieved. Each section is followed by non-graded “knowledge check questions”, to help you ensure that you have successfully assimilated the content. You can go back and view the content as often as you like. When you reach the end of each course, an examination consisted by 10 randomized multiple-choice questions will be used to validate the learning and the course. Validate all eight courses by passing the respective exams, and you have successfully completed the certification program. 

What you will get

  • The CEEC Bundle includes the following: Access to the 8 circular economy courses of the bundle, with free access to the content for one year.
  • A digital companion book, for your personal use and interest – The Performance Economy, by renowned Circular Economy proponent Walter Stahel
  • A digitally enabled, verifiable and sharable certificate acknowledging your achievement in becoming a Certified Circular Economy Expert.
  • One-year free membership in the Circular Economy Alliance Community, including access to Circular Economy Alliance members, resources and events.
  • Special access to Circular Economy related events, research, resources, and news.
  • An invitation to be part of our upcoming Circular Economy Ambassadors Program which will enable unique benefits for the pioneering Circular Economy laureates.
  • Receive early bird and loyalty discounts on all future educational and training products developed by CEA and CERC @ École des Ponts Business School
  • Join the Global Circular Economy Directory of professionals currently developed by CEA with a unique digital display. (Estimated release Q4 2022)
  • Exposed to business and professional opportunities through the Circular Economy Marketplace developed by CEA. (Estimated release Q1 2023)

Please note:

  • In many EU countries, the cost of certification can be covered by personal or corporate “training accounts”. Please inquire within your organisation or with the appropriate institution within your country for more information.
  • The CCEE is valid for one year only. Maintaining active certification status requires maintaining active Circular Economy Alliance (CEA) membership which is renewed annually with a predefined fee for 2022 to be at €50.  The fee is subject to annual revisions which will be communicated to the users with the renewal communication launched prior to the expiration date of their certification.
  • All Circular Economy Alliance Certified Members will need to report on annual basis their contribution to the development of the domain and the profession in the format of CPEs.


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