Tsemberi Fashion Project

May 2, 2022

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Tsemberi Fashion Project unites young Cypriot designers around a shared vision; to create sustainable and zero-waste designs inspired by Cypriot culture. The plan is to transfer the exhibition around the world to promote the culture and young designers of Cyprus. The project was founded by Anastasia Phillipou and Christina Dymiotis in March 2021. It’s supported by Fashion Revolution (Cyprus), the Royal Commonwealth Society (UK), and Clarions Future (UK).


The project aims to raise awareness of the sustainable fashion choices everyone can adopt to minimize their clothing waste. The team of 25 young Cypriots specializing on social media, video production, project management and fashion design, draws inspiration from the sustainable lifestyle of their ancestors. They promote awareness of sustainability as a key aspect of Cypriot culture by exclusively using second-hand fabrics and zero-waste techniques.


Tsemberi’s first exhibition will take place in Nicosia on the 7-8th of May at Stelios Foundation (5 Markou Drakou). The designers will be showcasing their designs themed; re-defining Cypriot culture through sustainable fashion. It will be open to the public for free.


The designers; Leandros Stamadiades, Diamando Skannavia, Mert Ozyurekliler, Irene Panayi, Michalis Pantelidis and Petros Kourtelliaris.


For more information, please visit: https://www.instagram.com/tsemberi/

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