ETSA study showcases sustainability of laundry industry

March 16, 2023

In October 2022, ETSA’s special working group dedicated to sustainability, circularity, and green innovation met in Ghent, Belgium. This group is comprised of representatives of laundries, machineries, detergents, and national associations. While our industry has always promoted sustainability and circularity, we believe it is also necessary to showcase our advancements and need for improvement. Thus, ETSA, in cooperation with its partners and South Denmark University, co-financed an objective third-party study that looked at the textile service industry in a holistic sense. The draft of this study was showcased at the meeting in Ghent. While it is still in the process of being finalized, it shows dramatic reductions in the usage of water, electricity, detergents, and oil/gas across the industry. Moreover, the draft study shows a steady decline in the release of CO2 emissions over the course of the last decade and a half. While there is still much work to be done, ETSA celebrates this commitment to sustainability among the membership it represents. The full study in its entirety in Spring of 2022.

Submitted By: Nikolas Schulze-Makuch


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