MULTITRACES – Multidisciplinary training in circular economy and smart valorisation of the rural area for new business models

March 14, 2023

The circular economy represents the new vision of the management of resources, energy, value creation and entrepreneurship. 

The overall objective of the Multitraces project ( ), financed by the Erasmus Agency, is to ensure an innovative training of students in circular economy for rural areas, to promote a new business model with smart valorization of resources, to develop high level entrepreneurial knowledge and skills of students, increasing their employability and opportunities for career development. 

Specific objectives of the project:  

  • To strengthen the role of universities in regional development;  
  • To improve the link between universities and SMEs;   
  • To increase the labor market opportunities for students through training courses in circular economy;   
  • To ensure the practical training of students in the real economy in an international environment through the support of SMEs. 
Submitted By: Liliana Topliceanu


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