BIOVOX GmbH – Sustainable Medical Grade Plastics

September 28, 2023

BIOVOX is tackling the plastic problem in hospitals. Single-use plastic products and packaging are essential for an affordable and hygienic healthcare. But they come at a price: climate damage caused by more than 90 megatons of fossil CO2 emissions per year. There is an urgent need to reduce these emissions, not least because of pending regulatory measures. The solution is BIOVOX’s sustainable and recyclable medical-grade bioplastics.

These first of their kind bioplastics are sustainable and safe for use in healthcare products with proven biocompatibility. They already reduce CO2 emissions by up to 85% and have net-zero potential and can be recycled in a closed loop in healthcare applications. With cost-competitive prices, BIOVOX brings previously unused circular materials to the highly regulated healthcare industry, accelerating their transition to a circular economy.


Submitted By: BIOVOXGmbH


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