Bigger Brick

March 2, 2023

  1. Being a textile graduate, I felt all the other wastes of the industry were being recycled. Fabric is being converted into fibers again. Trims were recycled. Electrical components were upcycled. But the plastic waste had no solution, and it is ending up in landfills. The reason was that recycling was not giving any advantage to the recycler.

Then I applied for the professional course offered by the Circular Economy Alliance. It gave me a boost, and I started seeing opportunities around me for circular models.

We decided to make a small Lego using recycled plastic and a 3D printer. We understood that the need for construction never ends. Even in our industries, this is an ongoing process. We understood that if we could reuse the plastic waste industries produce and make blocks with such properties that industries could reuse, that could be a win-win situation and would create a circular model.

We started working on different properties of plastic. Get in touch with an institute with polymer doctors. And finalized the product.

Now we offer industries waste exchange programs so that these plastics can be given a new life that can last for years.

Submitted By: Circular Economy Alliance Team


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