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Circular Economy Alliance

FIMER Solar closing the Circularity loop

FIMER South-Africa in their capacity as Solar Inverter Manufacturers has identified the need to address the Transition to Circular Economy. Currently in its Exploration phase, based on the methodologies introduced by CEA, we are drafting regional specific operating guidelines to adopt these changes. Our top value as an organization is respecting the environment instead of solely generating profit. We aim to allow our customers to create energy in greener and smarter ways through our experience as manufacturers and through innovation. The long-term effect of these changes will be beneficial, not only to the Organization, but to the market we serve.

William R. Van Wyk
Submitted By: William R. Van Wyk

Accomplished and results-oriented professional with broad experience in driving top-notch revenue gains through prospecting, qualifying, and closing new business opportunities within fast-paced and ever-changing dynamics. Intuitive leader with strong business acumen and demonstrated expertise in coordinating sales, identifying market needs, and prospecting clients to attain revenue targets. Adept at defining and aligning vision, strategies, and processes with corporate objectives to aggressively penetrate and expand in key markets. Skilled in conducting market and competitor analysis to understand trends and capitalize on immediate growth opportunities. Excel at improving client’s bottom line though delivering innovative ideas and evaluating processes. Broad-based management skills with strong planning, quick learning abilities, and decision-making ability to successfully deliver measurable results. Equipped with exceptional communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills along with capability to establish strong rapport with internal teams and executives.

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