Circular Economy Specialist (High-Mastery)

Circular Economy Specialist (High-Mastery)




This certificate provides a specialist’s understanding of the Circular Economy that goes far beyond the fundamentals and covers a broad spectrum of Circular Economy principles and best practices. The Circular Economy Specialist (High-Mastery) includes 8 courses of the Circular Economy Manager (Advanced) and 4 elective courses covering diverse aspects of Circular Economy. The Circular Economy Specialist (High-Mastery) is designed for those who want to gain deep insight into a diverse array of Circular Economy practices and principles, including: •Evolving into a Circular Economic Business Model at the personal, corporate, institutional, and societal levels. •Using proven strategies to consult, inform and advise on Circular Economy projects that bring about real change. •Applying circular economy concepts to become a leading influence in the circular economy industry. The courses which compose the Circular Economy Specialist (High-Mastery) have been carefully selected, designed, and curated to give you an expert view of the full scope of a Circular Economy and the knowledge required to become a recognized specialist in the domain.