Circular Economy Professional (Foundational)

Circular Economy Professional (Foundational)




This certificate allows you to, quickly and efficiently, grasp the key ideas behind the concept of Circular Economy. The Circular Economy Professional (Foundational) is a bundle which includes 4 courses that will introduce you to the fundamentals of circularity: •Terminology •Principles •Frameworks •Theories •Models •Mindsets and thinking •Tools •Policies •Best practices The courses which compose the Circular Economy Professional (Foundational) have been carefully selected, designed, and curated to give you an insider’s view into what we consider “the pillars” of the Circular Economy. You will better understand what is necessary at the personal, corporate, institutional, and societal levels to evolve from the current take-make-dispose economic model – which continues to harm the planet- to transition to a circular economic model – which favours the planet.