Circular Economy Manager (Advanced)

Circular Economy Manager (Advanced)




This certificate allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the concept of Circular Economy and go beyond the fundamentals. This certificate includes the 4 “pillar” courses in the Circular Economy Professional (Foundational) program, as well as 4 complimentary courses that cover additional aspects of the principles, frameworks, theories, and best practices of Circular Economy. The Circular Economy Manager (Advanced) has been designed to cover deeper aspects of the Circular Economy, including: •The importance of strategic design. •The notion of value cycles. •Advanced use of Circular Economy principles. •The importance of partnering and ecosystems in the transition to a more Circular Economy. The courses which compose the Circular Economy Manager (Advanced) have been carefully curated to give you an insider’s view into what we consider the extended fundamentals of Circular Economy, as well as the complementary knowledge you need to be credible as an expert in the domain.