Driving Circularity: The role of energy policy and legislation

Driving Circularity: The role of energy policy and legislation




The world faces unprecedented energy, environmental, climate and sustainability challenges, including biodiversity loss, resource use, and pollution.  Beyond The Paris Agreement––the first-ever universal, legally binding global climate change agreement––there are movements, policy proposals and approved or under process pieces of legislation around the world pushing for new green deals designed to reduce emissions and foster greater sustainability.  The challenge ahead is to achieve this ambition collectively, effectively, swiftly, and affordably by applying the energy sector’s appropriate policies and regulations.  Overall, this course provides an overview and analysis of the essential policies and legislative actions that the EU mobilizes to move towards a circular, sustainable, and climate-neutral economy by 2050.  It also aims to communicate information and examples in a timely and precise manner  on implementing the circular economy from an EU climate and energy policy perspective and provide practitioners from public and private sectors with valuable and practical insights.