Circular Industry 4.0: Redesigning the future

Circular Industry 4.0: Redesigning the future




The different sections in the course introduce the reader to more relevant approaches and technologies for narrowing, slowing, and closing resource cycles. The course provides case examples where applicable to help readers better grasp the available alternatives. The approach is based on the product life cycle, from primary or secondary material extraction through resource recovery to start a new product life cycle. This course is divided into eight sections: 1. Understanding Industry 4.0 –– addressing the economic, social, and environmental elements 2. Urban mining––the future of the mining industry 3. Intelligent systems: Smart Circular Design –– how technology is changing product and system design 4. Smart factory –– technology and product manufacturing to decrease resource use 5. Use and Service in the digital era –– essential digital technologies to slow down resource cycles 6. Recapture value from users –– technology to increase customer value 7. Recovery strategies and technologies opportunities –– technology for product reconditioning 8. Key takeaways This course highlights three SDGs and their role in redesigning the future: Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy Goal 9: Industry, innovation, and infrastructure Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production