Circular Economy Specialist (High-Mastery)

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Gain the comprehensive, functional and practical skills to elevate your impact in the Circular Economy industry. Circular Economy Specialist (High-Mastery) is our highest-tier certification, designed to position you as a reputable Circular Economy leader. Secure the skills and accreditation to consult, inform, and advise on matters related to the Circular Economy beyond your own network. Become your organization’s appointed Circular Economy expert. Get ready to lead consultancy projects, master circular solutions, and close system loops.

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Total dedicated effort required: 45 hours

Depending on the level of experience and pace the learner is willing to invest in the learning journey.

Advanced Mastery

For anyone interested in gaining in-depth specialist knowledge.

Circular Economy Specialist

Certificate Overview

This certificate provides a specialist’s understanding of the Circular Economy that goes far beyond the fundamentals and covers a broad spectrum of Circular Economy principles and best practices. 

The Circular Economy Specialist (High-Mastery) consists of 12 courses, the 8 courses from the Circular Economy Manager (Advanced) certification program, and 4 elective courses from the Body of Knowledge library covering diverse aspects of the Circular Economy.

The Circular Economy Specialist (High-Mastery) is designed for those who want to gain deep insight into a diverse array of Circular Economy practices and principles, including:

  • Evolving into a Circular Economic Business Model at the personal, corporate, institutional, and societal levels. 
  • Using proven strategies to consult, inform and advise on Circular Economy projects that bring about real change.
  • Applying circular economy concepts to become a leading influence in the circular economy industry.
The courses which compose the Circular Economy Specialist (High-Mastery) have been carefully selected, designed, and curated to give you an expert view of the full scope of a Circular Economy and the knowledge required to become a recognized specialist in the domain.

Important Details

Downloadable material

Look back on concepts after completing the course.

100% online courses

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.

Study at your own pace

A flexible learning journey, access the content until you get certified or a maximum of one year from the enrollment date.

Special Access to events, research and news

Stay connected and benefit from CEAs robust network. 

Annual Certificate Maintenance

Fee: 50 EURO.

What You Will Learn

Circular by Design: Innovation, strategy and resource flows

This course provides background information to understand how and why product design and manufacturing play a strategic role in the transition to the Circular Economy. Explore examples and case studies demonstrating how firms and designers use circular design strategies to support multiple product life cycles.


Circular Business Models: doing More, with Less, for Longer

This course highlights the main Circular Business Models (CBMs) enabling the transition to a Circular Economy and their role in increasing the performance and sustainability of organizations.


Driving Circularity: The role of energy policy and legislation

This course offers a common ground to address the challenges we face in climate-related legislation to foster greater sustainability and reduce emissions.

Appropriate energy policies and regulations can play a vital role in accelerating the transition to a Circular Economy and integrating circularity in the various economic sectors while preserving a positive societal and environmental impact.


Circular Industry 4.0: Redesigning the future

This course will provide insights into how technology can shape and enable the Circular Economy throughout the supply chain. The industrial revolution offers companies significant opportunities in process efficiency, cost reduction, and productivity improvement and to rethink circular products and new services.


Training for Circularity: Upskilling, reskilling, mobility and job creation
This course examines the anticipated disruption in the labour market as we move from the traditional linear economy towards a Circular Economy. Discover the training and skills required across the workforce to ensure an inclusive and fair transition where nobody is left behind.


Circular Together: How ecosystems will drive the transition
This course highlights the urgent need to shift from an individual approach to a systemic and ecosystemic approach in a Circular Economy. Explore how this shift helps generate positive economic and environmental outcomes by promoting circular innovation in a collaborative context.


Circular Supply Chains: Leveraging the power of strategic procurement
This course showcases how circular procurement plays a vital role in the transition to a Circular Economy, highlights the global impact of Covid-19, and reveals destructive consumption and production models.


Circular and Digital Economies: The dual transition
This course sheds light on the evolving dynamics of the markets and economies resulting from the transition to the Digital Economy and the urgency to accelerate the transition to the Circular Economy by harvesting the already established digital enablers


Specialist Elective Courses

Circular Procurement: Innovative solutions in practice 
The transition from linear to circular procurement requires a behavioural change and a diverse skill set. This course reveals the importance of access to various tangible information, creative methods, and techniques to activate the circular procurement process and generate productive outcomes across different fields. This course aims to provide innovative instruments, tools and smart tweaks that will allow the workforce to navigate the circular procurement process efficiently and accelerate the transition to a Circular Economy.


Digitally Empowered Circular Economy: Business model and industrial innovation
This course is designed to help avant-garde thinkers, progressive leaders, and forward-looking decision-makers leverage the emerging trends of technology for driving the Circular transition. This course explores the power of the convergence of technologies and combinatorial innovations in driving digitally empowered industries, infrastructures, solutions, and business models.


Circular Water Management: A framework for the transition 
This course aims to address the transition of the water sector to the Circular Economy paradigm. Focusing on principles, levels and enablers this course highlights the faults of linear water management and how these practices harm our environment locally, nationally, and globally. Furthermore, this course emphasises potential solutions and strategies to support the complex evolution to a circular water management system.


Digitally Empowered Circular Economy: Industry 4.0 technological enablers 
This course explores the applications and implications of some of the major Digital Enablers of the Circular Economy transition and SDGs and ESG initiatives. It highlights the pivotal role of Data-Informed Decision Making, Innovation, and Governance for smart utilization of assets and resources. This course helps vanguard entrepreneurs, visionary leaders, and forward-thinking decision-makers to reinforce their competitive advantage by capitalizing on the emerging trends of digital enablers and purpose-driven innovation to develop cutting-edge strategies and initiatives.


Circular Energy: The EU’s pathway to a circular and carbon-neutral future 
This course explores the European Union’s (EU) comprehensive toolbox, its legislative actions, and its role in enabling the transition to climate-neutral and circular models. Explore how this energy toolbox can help the Member States and the EU become resilient, competitive, and prosperous economies.


Circular Life of Buildings: Designing out obsolescence
This course highlights unsustainable practices involved in the linear approach to building that leads to high global emissions and waste. Explore how new technology and circular strategies can change building design for a better future.


Circular Water Management 2: Closing the H2O loop
This course offers an overview of the water sector from a macro perspective supported by the water framework explained in the module Circular Water Management: A framework for the transition. The enablers for the circular economy in the water sector discussed in this course refer to the use of digital technologies to speed the adoption of circular business models to create value from the different circular strategies. The course also offers an understanding of the Integrated Urban Water Management approach to achieve circularity in the water sector.


Designing out Waste: The challenges to full circularity
The course examines the role of the Circular Economy in enabling the transition to a more sustainable way of producing goods. Gain a new perspective on value creation for businesses and society by understanding the scope of the global waste problem, identifying key waste contributors, and exploring strategies to reduce waste and promote behavioural change.


Performance Economy: Benefitting people, profits and planet
The Performance Economy is the most sustainable and profitable business model of the Circular Economy.
This course analyzes the multitude of opportunities for economic and political actors disguised in selling the use or function of objects, such as the renting and operational leasing of objects as a service (infrastructure, equipment).


Who should enroll?

Senior level – Employees


Public sector officials

Designers, Engineers, Architects


Organizations working towards their green transition

What are the Learning Outcomes?

Master design thinking and Circular Economic Business Model approach that organizations can integrate to bolster their circularity.

Become a leader of change as you gain complete knowledge on generating and leading circular solutions.

Gain the capacity to engage in consultancy projects related to the Circular Economy.

Gain an understanding of the Circular Economy within the broader sustainable development spectrum.

Become a specialist in the tools, policies, business models, design principles, best practices, and innovative strategies that are being used today to create a better tomorrow.

Understand what is necessary at the personal, corporate, institutional, and societal levels to evolve into a Circular Economic Business Model.

Important Details

Enrollment Information
  • Once you have enrolled, you will be given access to our Learning Management System.
  • The certificate scheme is entirely online and self-paced. 
  • Access to the 12 Circular Economy courses of the certification scheme.
  • We estimate that someone working or studying full-time can complete the entire program within 45 hours.
  • When you reach the end of each course, a 15-minute examination consisting of 10 randomized multiple-choice questions will be used to validate your learning experience.
  • Validate all 12 courses by passing the respective exams, and you have successfully completed the certification scheme.
  • The course is divided into easily navigated sections.
  • Each section is followed by non-graded “knowledge check questions” to help you ensure that you successfully assimilated the content.
  • You can go back and view the content as often as you like.

    Furthermore, considerable attention is given to the integrity of the program and the individual assessment performed at the examination center. Therefore, on some occasions, we shuffle the order of the courses, or we enable a time delay between the release of the courses to ensure that the credibility of our certified laureate is based on knowledge independently acquired and verified by an individual and objective assessment measured by the successful outcome of the respective examination.

    To further enhance the user experience, following the completion of each course, including examinations, a quality assurance process runs in the background to identify any possible issues that may have affected the learning journey or the assessment of the candidate. Once the assessment has been completed, the candidate can proceed with the next course to become a certified Circular Economy laureate.

    Certification Benefits
    1. Take action in the fight against climate change, accelerate the transition to Circular Economy, and play an active role in the change you want to see in the world.
    2. Become a leader of change in the Era of green transformation by learning the principles and best practices of Circular Economy
    3. Expand your profile with the proper education on the Circular Economy requirements for your current role to secure your job and career growth in this rapidly changing landscape.
    4. Gain the knowledge and skills organizations need to reach their corporate sustainability goals by learning from experts with credibility and knowledge on the Circular Economy
    5. Acquire and promote a common language and understanding of the Circular Economy.
    6. Add accreditation to your LinkedIn profile and professional CV
    7. Connect with top global experts on circular economics and like minds by joining a network and community of circularity professionals
    8. Obtain the certification that allows you to prove your talent for organizations planning or going through their circular business transformation
    9. Master the skills required to create and lead circular solutions across various corporations and industries.
    10. Get practical hands-on knowledge for day-to-day work processes that aligns with the increasing job trend in the domain of Circular Economy.
    11. Get professional accreditation proving your Circular Economy expertise and be the information resource for your workplace, organization, group or community.
    12. Understand rising trends in Circular Economy concepts and theory.
    13. Translate emerging research and practice into real societal and environmental change
    14. Gain new knowledge and experiences to improve your own course material as a teacher/instructor
    15. Upskill your team or department to help your organization in its Circular Economy transition.
    16. Acquire the capacity to collaborate with environmental organizations to take action and drive systemic change.
    17. Boost your consultancy services to efficiently support businesses adopting Circular Economy practices. 
    18. Be future-ready before the release of the Circular Economy standards.

    Faculty and Industry Experts (Course Author testimonial)

    Used to design the section on Home Page
    “You can future-proof your career by becoming a key promoter of the rapidly growing Circular Economy, a low-waste, low-carbon, low anthropogenic-mass business model. Do not reinvent circularity; get certified, and the doors to companies in transition to sustainability will open. This Certification accelerates the transition process, and it is proof of your familiarity with the ‘Body of Circular Knowledge.”
    Dr. Walter R. Stahel – Author
    Performance Economy: Benefitting people, profits and planet

    “You can future-proof your career by becoming a key promoter of the rapidly growing Circular Economy, a low-waste, low-carbon, low anthropogenic-mass business model. Do not reinvent circularity; get certified, and the doors to companies in transition to sustainability will open. This Certification accelerates the transition process, and it is proof of your familiarity with the ‘Body of Circular Knowledge.”

    Dr. Walter R. Stahel – Author

    Performance Economy: Benefitting people, profits and planet

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