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Circular Economy Alliance Overview Thank You

Thank you! Our brochure will be in your mailbox shortly! In the meantime, we invite you to have a look at our certification options. Circular Economy Alliance’s certification program will equip you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies to boost your professional evolution within the niche domain of Circular Economy. Stand out in the domain of Circular Economy in a knowledgeable and credible manner to secure your career growth.

Get certified and be a leader of change.

Certified Circular Economy Professional

The Certified Circular Economy Professional (CCEP) bundle offers original content in an easy-to-follow multimedia format. The certificate allows you to quickly and efficiently grasp the key ideas behind the Circular Economy. The CCEP is a bundle which includes 4 courses introducing you to the fundamentals of circularity: the terminology, principles, frameworks, theories, models, mindsets and thinking that will drive the transition.

Certified Circular Economy Expert

The Certified Circular Economy Exper (CCEE) bundle offers the content of the CCEE program as well as 4 complementary courses covering the principles, frameworks, theories, and practices of Circular Economy. It offers a deeper grasp of the importance of strategic design, value cycles, partnerships and ecosystems in the transition to a more circular economy, as well as a circular economy within the broader spectrum of sustainable development.

Certified Circular Economy Specialist

The Certified Circular Economy Specialist (CCES) bundle offers all 8 courses of the CCES and CEPC bundles as well as 4 additional courses of your choice. The electives allow you to tailor the certificate to your specific practice. The CCES provides deep insight into a diverse array of circular economy principles and practices to help you become a recognized specialist in the domain.


CEA has partnered with Accredible, the world’s most comprehensive digital badge and certificate platform to offer certifications with digital credentials. Digital credentials are a more secure alternative to paper certificates and can be verified with a single click. The credentials can be recorded on the blockchain, making our certificates impossible to fake. We are maximizing the value we provide to our users by allowing their potential employers and network to verify that our certificates are legitimate.